The Snazzi® has been created specifically for the Colour Analysis Industry. The concept is the instant transformation of wearing one's colours close to one's face. Keeping a Snazzi® or three in your handbag can transform your look using your own special colours. The possibilities are endless: wear around your neck as a snood, tied in a bow, worn as a choker, draped under a jacket as a coloured blouse effect, used as a modesty cover with low cleavage tops. With 50 colour choices, the colour combinations run into thousands. Team them with our gold and silver printed Snazzies.

They are all individually handmade, created from luxury quality 100% Silk Chiffon. Suggest to your clients that they wear a Snazzi® instead of throwing or giving away those favourite items just because they are not their best colours. Ideal for any time, create different looks for work, after work get together, or to smarten a dull outfit. Easy light packing for holidays. What could be Snazzier?

  • Snazzi100% Silk
  • Individually handmade in the UK
  • Versatile
  • 1000's of colour combinations
  • Instant transformation
  • Unique

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Snazzi showcase; Light, Bright, Cool, Dark, Muted, Warm