Overview of Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis is an art dedicated to bringing out the best look you can achieve, helping you to wear the right colours for your skin tones, eye and hair colour.

To look good naturally, your style and image needs to point to you, not your clothes.

The fashion industry is simplistic on topic of colour, suggesting that we can all wear every colour and look equally good. This is not generally the case: your natural colouring will fight against colours which don’t complement it, resulting in your best features being subdued.

Colour Analysis is a process by which your natural colouring can be identified by a colour professional and matched with the colours that will bring out the best in you. When you choose your colours wisely, your clothes will no longer walk into the room first, they will harmonise with you to make your face and eyes stand out and create a lasting impression on those you meet.

The best-known Colour Analysis tools are the seasonal palettes, divided into Autumn and Spring - the warm palettes - and summer and winter, which use cool tones. As well as these, colour consultants can assess whether subjects are bright or muted, and light or dark. This is based on a tonal or directional system. We create products for every system used in colour analysis  world-wide. Having identified these characteristics, a fully customised colour-palette can be made up for each client to enable them to make the right choices about the colours that they wear and the makeup that they use.

Image consultants can be trained on personal style, assessing proportion, body shape and  to coordinate your whole wardrobe, our colour analysis tools are specially created for accuracy and visual assessment.