Consultant Map Questions & Answers

Q.  Why do I have to pay to go on the map?

A.    We only want to have active Consultants on our map and this is the best way of tracking this. We have a duty to the customers who visit our website and answer our ads to give them up-to-date information. There is also quite a bit of work involved for our staff, especially with option 3. However if you have purchased £200 or more from DCI in a 12 mth period, you are entitled to a FREE Option 1 placement, you could even qualify for a free option 2 or 3 so please get in touch!

Q.   How long does the membership last?

A.   12 Months so we can keep a check on active consultants.

Q.   What if my butterfly is located in the wrong place?

A.   Please get in touch and let us know and we will sort it out for you. 

Q.   I run my business from home and I do not want my full details displayed, What can I do?

A.   This is absolutely fine, just let us know and we will make sure only the information you want is on there.

Q.   What if I want to up-grade to another option after my butterfly is placed on the map?

A.   No problem, just let us know and we can sort this out for you.