Drape Sets

Colour analysis made simple!

If you are working with a budget and looking for pre-selected drape sets, we have created 3 sets specifically for this reason. We have a seasonal set containing 60 drapes, a tonal set containing 90 drapes and a combined set for both systems containing 120 drapes.

Our range of Colour Analysis Drapes will allow you to perform accurate readings for every consultation. They will enable you to build upon the collection of tools that you need to perform professional colour analysis, or to help you choose the right colour for your designs if you are a fashion student or designer.

The drapes are placed under the chin and over the shoulders of clients to help you judge the right colours to suit them.

They are manufactured in our factory to exacting standards from 100% cotton poplin, and precision-dyed to ensure a rich consistent colour. The extensive range of colours available means that you are sure to find the exact colours you require to offer your clients a thorough and accurate colour analysis reading.

Available in standard size (28 x 48cm) or by special request, large-size (48 x 56cm).

  • All drapes are made from 100% cotton poplin
  • Drapes are precision dyed for colour consistency
  • Each drape is labelled with the colour name, number and Seasonal/ Tonal direction
  • Collated together in our specially designed drape cases to protect your drapes
  • Drapes cases provided free of charge