Clients and Industries

We work directly with colour professionals to provide the high-quality products needed to carry out an accurate colour analysis and aid the use of colour in design. The products that we develop directly respond to the needs of these professionals, and we are always looking to improve our ranges, develop new ones, and work with new sectors of the colour and image industry, constantly innovating and expanding to provide our unparalleled service to an ever larger number of businesses. Click on one of the links below to see how we serve these different fields.

Beauty and Hair Salons

Many beauty and hair salons offer colour analysis services as a part of makeup or hair colour consultations. Products such as our colour capes are designed to make visual colour analysis quick and simple for beauty and hair professionals, enabling you to offer the best service to your clients. We are currently developing new products for hair salons.

Fashion Students

Direct Colour are passionate about passing on our knowledge of colour to fashion students. We are currently working with Leeds University to develop products for training fashion students in the practical application of colour, especially emphasising the need to bring back colour analysis education to the fashion industry. We can’t stress enough the value of having a range of 170 colours all precision-dyed on the same fabric, and would like to encourage fashion students to work with our products.

Interior Designers and Decorators

Interior decorators and designers will benefit from using our colour drapes and swatches to develop interior colour schemes and create mood boards for clients. We are looking to work with interior designers to develop useful tools for their industry, and to adapt our current range to suit them.

Colour Therapists and Colour Healing

We are interested in working with colour therapists and colour healing professionals to develop a range of products for this area, for example larger colour drapes for full-colour immersion. If you are a colour therapist or healer and would like to work with Direct Colour, please contact us.