Member Services for Consultant Map

Direct Colour International is the largest Independent manufacturer/supplier of colour/Image products to Image Consultants World-wide!

We continuously receive enquiries for Image Consultants and Training Companies from around the World. In order for us to be sure of Active consultants and the services they offer, we need to keep up-to-date with the information we supply. Therefore we request consultants to become members and join our map service, so they can be contacted by prospective clients and keep their information current. We offer three levels of membership;

Option 1

This level is perhaps suitable for most consultants, a standard package at a minimal cost, includes a placement on the map, displaying contact details and location finder. If however you have purchases from DCI of over £200 in a 12mth period, you are entitled to a FREE placement on the map. Please inform us if you have qualified for this entitlement.

Option 2

This level is directed towards image consultants and training companies who have their own website and would like a placement on the map and a link to their website. This option has the facility to track the amount of clicks your link receives. If your DCI purchases are over £500 you are entitled to a free placement.

Option 3

This is the ultimate level as it has all of the above plus your very own personal profile page. Ideal for image consultants who may not have their own website and/or wish to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for showcasing yourself and the products and services you supply! This option has the facility to track the amount of clicks your profile receives. This oprtion is free if your purchase levels are over £1000.

 PLEASE NOTE;  This is a TRADE ONLY item - Log into your trade account and go to MEMBER SERVICES page in shop!

If you have any questions regarding the map, please refer to our questions and answers in the drop down or give us a call.